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The relationship between food and the health of the skin is quite an interesting subject. People tend to linger within their poor eating habits whilst trying to solve their skin conditions with chemically induced ointments and creams. A lot of skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis, are allergic reactions caused by food. Often time’s people do not understand where the core of the problem lies. 


The aim of EPI-DERMIS magazine is to raise awareness. To illustrate that food can give allergic reactions and how you can prevent/cure them. The magazine is informative, a gardener package and cookbook all in one.


In addition, we found it important that the magazine was recyclable. That’s why we made our own paper, in which we planted seeds. This allows the owner of the magazine to make his own plants. 


Urban Transformation Conference (UTC)
may 2016

Concept & photography

Claire van Donselaar

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