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 conceptual design 


a speculative design of the future

The bigger; the older; the wiser 


Everyone strives for perfection, and thanks to all current technical and cismetical applications this shows off in the ‘One face’ concept. (See in portfolio)


However, we also live in a culture where the confrontation with the beauty of aging is avoided. Through wave movements and partly thanks to African influences, the honor of wisdom and expressing beauty in enlarging, people wants to be distinguished from the ultimate beauty image. 

Therefore, there is a counter-reaction to the One Face movement: One Age Face; acceptance of aging by seeing beauty in the knowledge from the time we learn. The age does not appear in wrinkles and fragile joints, but in twisted lips. Lips that stand for wisdom, which can only give rise to the passage of the years.  By developing an aging creme that desiccate and hardened the lip, this horny lip develops. The longer you use the ageing cream, the larger the lips. The bigger = the older = the more wiser. The lips are the new weapon that symbolizes beauty and knowledge in time.

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