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 conceptual design 


After researching public transport NS in Netherlands I created the concept, Open doors, Closed minds. Open doors stand for that everyone is welcome! Once you have a valid travel document you can go wherever your hart desires. It does not matter how or what kind of person you are, we try to act with reasonable standards and values during our daily travel minutes, hours. Unfortunately there is often not thought about the fellow traveller and the surroundings what can conclude to the following conclusion.

Closed minds, everyone think of themselves and this bring irritations. One is only concerned in its own (online) world. Where my input in collaboration with fellow peers comes true. One magazine, graphics class, everyone has their own chapter. Each chapter has its own mindset and main theme, this is translated to articles and categories and that makes the magazine Trip. Where this particular article in the magazine but together by a duo with the intention to show a journey by the different thoughts of a traveller. Creating and translating this through creative fantasy. Getting to know the person in front of you, when the time goes by.


by creating

Wietske Heinsma

Claire van Donselaar

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