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Claire van Donselaar


As future-oriented designer, I ask myself how I can influence various aspects of our society in order to better address contemporary and future challenges. Conceptual thinking and solutions-based research provide the foundation for all of my projects.


I always continue to evolve. I flow through different disciplines including photography, audio-visual media, web design and graphic design, in order to arrive at a convincing visual representation and communication of a new, innovative and meaningful concept in the form of a final product. I like to see myself as a multi-discplinairy creative. I do not master only one single craft, which is what makes me diverse and inventive. I’m combining multiple disciplines in order to realise an innovative product or speculative solution.


My work takes a minimalistic approach with conceptual support. I see, feel, write, connect and create with an eye for detail. Using my everyday experience as a starting point.



Bachelor of Arts in Lifestyle Trasformation Design, minor Branding 
Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam  
2015 - 2019


Fashion Design and Lifestyle Transformation Design, Pre-education

Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam 

2014 - 2015

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